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Life Science Courses at the Leibniz University of Hannover

Contents of the study and degrees

The consecutive course program Life Science is divided into a ground-standing 3-years bachelor program and a further qualifying 2-years master program. The aim of the education in the bachelor and master programs Life Science is the wide qualification of the students in the following main subjects:

This teaching profile corresponds to the demands of job profiles of an interdisciplinary work in industry and research. It was established in collaboration with an advisory board in accordance with industry and professional organizations. Practical courses form a major part of the study besides lecture and exercises. In research-oriented group seminars students are encouraged already from the beginning of the study to independently develop and discuss problem solution strategies in small groups. A wide choice of different modules enables an individual arrangement of the study.

The bachelor program and the master program are both constructed entirely modular. Each of the teaching modules is rated with Credit Points (CP) according to the European  Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Through this high degree of the internationalization, a change-over between universities of different countries or job seeking abroad is eased.

In  the bachelor program Life Science a solid basic knowledge is provided in biology as well as in chemistry.  After successful study in the ground-standing courses the university degree

is awarded as the first occupation-qualifying certificate. With this degree a professional career or a further qualifying master study can be started.

The master study Life Science treats the abovementioned areas in more depth and lays the base for independent scientific works. The master study is finished with the further qualifying university degree

With this degree usually the professional life will be entered. However, with special scientific inclination and talent of the graduate a doctoral thesis can also follow. The doctorate lasts as a rule about three years in which a specific scientific research subject is worked on independently and comprehensively.

Application by foreign students

The bachelor and master course programs Life Science only start with the beginning of the winter term in October. The application documents are issued by the  International Office of the Leibniz University of Hannover. Please note the application deadlines for students from countries within the EU and countries outside the EU.

General prerequisite for the study is a profound knowledge of German language (DSH certificate). Those who want to enter the bachelor program must have an education on the level of the German comprehensive secondary school or Studiencolleg. Applicants to the master program are required to have a BSc. in Life Science or a similar field.

Please refer to our German pages for more details about application and study. For further information on the bachelor program, please, contact Dr. Beutel. Applicants for the master program should address questions to Dr. Stahl.

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